Street Meat

Street Meat photo profil 2

Street Meat was cooked up when three Montreal street musicians casually decided to band together and teach each other their repertoire while busking. Much to their surprise (who would hire a smelly street musician?) gigs of all kinds started rolling in. People walking by on the street would book the band for corporate events, restaurants, bars shows, weddings and etc. Seeing this, Paul Dawson, Jean-Phillippe Lelotte-Demers and Lucas Zimbel decided to become more than bums with instruments and thus the Street Meat was served, fresh off the grill. Since then, the band has been playing and composing constantly. Their music is a blend of gypsy jazz, rock-a-billy, country and classical music, all arranged for dancing and drinking. It has been dubbed nontraditional-folk. The band can usually be found somewhere on Saint-Catherine street in Montreal or in a local bar. So when you’re in the mood for the Meat (even if you’re a vegetarian), the band serves it up all day and night, spiced to perfection.

Quand trois musiciens ambulants décident de s’allier pour gagner leur vie sur la rue, tous les Montréalais en ont du bonheur plein les oreilles.  Street Meat est un  trio de multi-instrumentistes qui performe depuis l’été 2011, vous les croiserez dans les rues et salles de spectacles/bars de Montréal. C’est du folk non-traditionnel, du folk sale, mais aussi des standards manouches, de vieux covers et plusieurs compositions originales. Que ce soit dans les bars ou ailleurs, leur répertoire convient à tous les événements où il faut que ça grouille, ou il faut que ça chante, ou faut que ça danse!