Dave Growl


Born out of the different influences that drove it musicianship since it started, the project Dave Growl /Epiphyte And the Hackers mainly bring together influences from ambiant electronica, classical and noise music, ranging from distant mellow tone to dissonant and harsh distorted melodies. Driven by multi instrumentalist and noise maker Philippe Blanchette, who act as the sole member of the projet, Epiphyte tends to create a musical soundscape in which different mood and sound texture can be expressed together, all in an ambiant aesthetic. Still in its firsts steps, the project made it to release a small demo(Dissonnances in waterdrops) that can be downloaded on Myspace, containing three songs trying to paint a musical soundscape where different ideas ranging from symphonic brazilian music to dark ¨musique concrète¨. The project also made it to participate into the production of a short abstract movie along with its soundtrack that is to be uploaded soon. Still in the process of writing and layering down some new material, Epiphyte is always opened to collaborations and newcomers, anyone that would be ready to bring along some ideas is welcomed, be they musicians, visual artists or even filmmakers, with whom i’d really like to collaborate.